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5 Spices Lounge #1 - Ψ-garden

The team of Ψ-gardeners shape sensory modalities which interact with one another, initiating a process in which the realm of the physical spills out into psychomorphic domains. By combining ancient art forms with novel techno-scientific pursuits, performative concepts are transformed into a yet to be defined dimension of activity. Ψ-garden places special emphasis on scent as the most evocative of all human senses.

All these factors prompt the spontaneous activation and re-organization of sensorial and perceptual networks, creating new information capable of inducing a state of trans-rationality.

Picture by H. Koppdelaney

5 Spices Lounge #2 - Ego

Enter the temple of catharsis. Get to know your true self. Confess! Are you the Devil or a Priestess? Destiny or free will? Experience colours, flavours, aromas and seductive sensuality in a playful evening of meetings and discoveries created by graffiti artist Ronald Duikersloot, actress Jihane El Fahidi, dancer Inge van Schooneveld, and others. Maybe you never want to leave...

(Picture by H. Koppdelaney)

5 Spices Lounge #3 - Delicate


Make acquaintance with the magical and bizarre world of HipSick Unusual Theatre. They create mysterious, fascinating landscapes that will blast through your normal state of mind. Elements of daily life, taboos of society, and identification play major roles. Test your boundaries with state of the art music, dance and physical theatre in the all-encompassing spectacular visuals of Co2RO, and others.


5 Spices Lounge #4 - Sense Ability

This act, curated by Behzad Sanati, aims to put the participant in a dimension that we as modern humans have almost forgotten: to treat all your senses equally, and by doing so, rediscover their powers! Dancer, choreographer and cultural investor Ina Stockem / BodyLounge, and performance artist Tatu Nikkanen make together a performance based on the senses, myth, and ritual. The evening is completed with musical performances by SATU and Zedba &The Prophets.

Prelude to 5 Spices lounge #5: My Mad Imagination

On 30 May 5 Spices is celebrating creativity by organizing a cocktailparty at Radion (terrace & cafe). We created a special program that will take place right before the last edition of 5 Spices Lounge kicks off.

This cocktailparty, entitled My Mad Imagination, is a cooperation between 5 Spices and Habitat and offers a program where many artists who contributed to 5 Spices Lounge last months will perform. The entrance is free!

We have live music, a silent disco, live painting, activities for kids and crazy cocktail ladies!

Have you been curious about the activities of 5 Spices? This is your chance! My Mad Imagination is open for any one interested in dance, music and art! 

After the cocktail party the 5th edition of 5 Spices Lounge will take place (from 20.00 till 00.00). Sahand Sahebdivani composed a delightful program full of storytelling and live music around the theme India meets Iran. Don’t miss out..

5 Spices Lounge #5 - Twin Shadows

Iran meets India in Amsterdam. Two cultures that once had their arms tightly around each other, like siblings in the womb, yet today estranged. Storyteller and musician Sahand Sahebdivani and friends explore the deep collective roots between Iranian and Indian culture as well as the connection with contemporary art through dance, song, storytelling and music. Wander with them through a rich tapestry of sounds, sensations and spectacle.