What is 5 Spices?

5 Spices Lounge events are immersive and will speak to all your senses. As you take a step into each of the Lounge events you will enter a different world, be taken on a journey and leave with an altered mindset. Dare the experiment, be surprised.

5 times a 5 Spices Lounge will take place between January and May 2015, every last Saturday of the month, in the new exciting place RADION in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Entrance fee is €10

5 Spices is a new initiative centered around experiment, co-creation, and experience with a diverse group of artists. It consists of 5 Spices Lounge, 5 Spices Xtra, and 5 Spices Link.

5 Spices Lounge events

Each 5 Spices Lounge is an multidisciplinary event and an open lab, created by another curator and group of artists / talents. The lounges combine music, dance, theatre, graffiti, food, installations, visuals and more, each time in a different setting. 

5 Spices Xtra

5 Spices Xtra is the side program that enriches the lounges (and enables the artists the come up with artistic and entrepreneurial ideas). It is a mix of different spin-off activities.

5 Spices Link

5 Spices Link is the reflective and cooperative network of participating artists.

Next events

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Where is Radion?

The location

Radion is centrally located opposite the Slotervaart Hospital in the artists nest called ACTA. This building used to be the old Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam. The entrance to Radion is around the corner on the West side of this building.

By Public Transport

Radion can be very easily reached by public transport. You can take metro 50, get off at the metro stop Henk Sneevlietweg, and then walk 5 minutes. Or take Tram 2, city bus 18 and late at night the night bus 358 all of which stop right in front of the door.

By bicycle

Radion/ACTA is only 15 minutes by bike from the center of Amsterdam, 5 minutes from the end of the Vondelpark and 3 minutes from Lelylaan. It is just under the highway at the end of Amsterdam South.

By car

Radion is at the end of exit S107 from the A10 ring road. During these events you may park your car for fee in the large parking grounds around Radion.