5 Spices Lounge #1 - Ψ-garden

The letter Ψ (psi) originates from the Greek psychē, symbolizing the trident - the highest celestial authority.

Ψ-garden is a collective experience that endeavors to spawn new forms and meanings of leisure. Expanding the perceptual spectrum of artistic activities into a multi-sensory format, Ψ-garden encourages spectators to submerge themselves in a phenomenon known as synesthesia. The level of synesthetic awareness depends on individual as well as environmental conditions.

The team of Ψ-gardeners shape sensory modalities which interact with one another, initiating a process in which the realm of the physical spills out into psychomorphic domains. By combining ancient art forms with novel techno-scientific pursuits, performative concepts are transformed into a yet to be defined dimension of activity. Ψ-garden places special emphasis on scent as the most evocative of all human senses.

All these factors prompt the spontaneous activation and re-organization of sensorial and perceptual networks, creating new information capable of inducing a state of trans-rationality.

German Popov

German Popov has been involved in various musical and social events focused on the topic of Central Asia - territory where he travelled a lot. Under the stage name OMFO - he published several musical works, which reached a high degree of international popularity.

Throughout all of his projects he works on establishing the lost contacts with sources and archetypes of modernity. Significant part of his research is dedicated to incorporating ethnographic and anthropological data into artistic activities. His latest creative activities are more and more shifting in the direction of psychoacoustic and multi-sensorial experiments, which led to initiating and staging the Ψ-garden.




  • Gagaku – Japanese imperial court music, Naomi Sato (Shō 笙– mouth organ)
  • The art of Taqsim – Iraqi classical music, Jamil Al Assadi (Qanun) and Latif Al Obaidi (Oud)
  • Debussy ‘s Clair de Lune, Fay Lovsky Theremin
  • Spatial audio – Soundtropology, Zvukoid
  • Heterophony – music of the Silk Road, OMFO
  • Gong ageng , Valekriy


  • Artish – Siberian Juniper,
  • Central Asian Adraspan - Péganum Hármala,
  • Frankincence
  • Tibetan Five Shamballa Powder
  • Bakhoor Oudh – Arabian Agar Wood
  • Baieido Koh En – Japnese Luxury incense
  • and more


  • Tea tasting , Formocha Premium Tea, Amanda Yui
  • Space Lukum by Tereza Maria Diaz Nerio



  • Broedplaats ACTA, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam
  • 31st of January at 20:00 hours
  • Tickets € 7,50 pre-sales / € 10,00 door

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