5 Spices Lounge #2 - Ego

A surrealistic fair ground full of mini performances

Ronald Duikersloot, known for his Grafitti Art and metal Robots is chief curator for this evening, joined by dance Inge van Schooneveld (Orient Nightingale) and actress Jihane El Fahidi (known from TV and theater company Likeminds), to complete the artistic team. Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be actor Poal Cairo (known from GTST and other TV roles as well as his work as a DJ) playing the role of the fallen Angel Gabriel.  As special guest Daniel Darkraum (performance artist and artistic director of the Supper Club) will interpret for us a modern day Devil.

At the entrance to the Temple of Catharsis you are asked to pick a card, your own ‘Ego’ card. During the evening all aspects of our Egos will be playfully revealed. The setting is reminiscent of the summer event called ‘Parade’, with various stands encouraging you to experience their wares or watch mini performances. A surrealistic fair ground where the attractions do not entertain but also pose questions about your deepest self.

The visitor enters the world of the Tarot, a world of archetypes that allow you to explore the dark and lighter side of life. You can observe it all from a safe distance or can choose to enter the installations and take part in the experience, for instance by joining the Djembe workshop of Bas ten Hoor.  One part of the Lounge is completely given over to relaxing with tea and snacks and smoking sheesha.

Other performers include Laetitia Mlynarczyk and VJ Alu & Diaan who join with Duikersloot in making an encompassing visual world for this Lounge. Nirmanakaya soothes you with meditative music, accompanied by guitarist El Ka. And Tomas of BeatUnique, master of the Hang drum and other instruments will heighten the atmosphere with 'natural soundscaping'.

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