Interview with Ronald Duikersloot

About him and this project

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We asked Ronald some questions about his life-style and his involvement in this project. This is what he said.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I travel lots but keep finding myself back in Haarlem, Netherlands.

What is your signature as an artist?

Propaganda, Pollution, Prejudice Misunderstandings, Revolution, Afrika Burn, Graffiti and 'Wild Welding'. Signed with initials RD or overseas graffiti as El Gringo (Don't tell anyone;) 

What is your website?
What is your facebookpage or personal page?

Mr SprayArt or SprayArt NL or just type my name - you'll be fine.

What is your other social media?

Up close and personal, it doesn't get more social than real life. I try not to get caught in the 'WorldWideWeb' and only use it when useful.

Is there a link to a different biography?
Why do think you are one of the 5 Spices talents?

I reckon because of my cultural projects in the past, my mindset as an artist and previous work with Gail Pilgrim has always been an enjoyable journey.

How do you start up a project like this?

First you look at the talents within the group, second you set the goal and third; aim high shoot low.

When do you think a project is a success?

That is a hard one, since this is meant to pull us out of our comfort zone and it's a 4 hour Catharsis, which is a long ride. So I guess when everything goes like we have in our minds, the crowd will feel like the 4 hours flew by than we can say it all worked out well. But when the crowd gets emotionally touched and walks out with a less selfish mindset, we can honestly say it has been a huge success!

First you look at the talents within the group, second you set the goal and third; aim high shoot low.

Who are you in 10 years?

Hopefully I would still be me, just me still doing 'weird' or 'effective' things to make the people in the world a little bit better / aware of our fragile world.

Where can people find your work?

Several galleries mostly in Haarlem, graffiti murals in office buildings or political statements on buildings. In advertising campaigns when things are painted or use flamethrowers.

What is your dream?

I only set goals per year, try to accomplish them + a little extra. See where I'm at and where I wish to be and set the goal for next year. Life is for living so just go out do something and try to enjoy the ride!

If someone really knows you, what would that someone know about you?

That I love my glass of Dark Rum :)

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