Ronald Duikersloot


  • Graffiti
  • Murals
  • Painting
  • Sculptures


The artist and traveller Ronald Duikersloot (1979) is a unique example of a versatile contemporary artist with a sociocritical worldview. After finishing Graphic Art School, Amsterdam in 2000, het got his inspiration from travelling around the world, stencil and graffiti art and the AfrikaBurn festival. From robotdesigner, graffiti artist and sneaker designer to flamethrower performer as The WildWelder on alternative festivals, the creative works of Duikersloot seem to make rebellious jumps. His motto is: Rule # 1: "There 'R' no rules!" 

He's shown his (often political) paintings and scrapped metal made robots, mostly made at his AtelierRD in Haarlem, on various exhibitions and started his own Graffiti Revolution on facebook to visualize the Arab Spring. Besides all this his own company Spray-Art, which was founded in 2006, gave him the opportunity to create international wallpaintings for foundations, charities, commercial campagnes and he works with various companies in different countries. More info can be found at


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