Ina Stockem


  • Director
  • Artistic leader
  • Actrice


Ina Stockem is a German born choreographer and dancer. She has been living in Amsterdam for over ten years where she has been following modern dance education. She has studied dance, physical choreography and cultural management. She improved her theatrical skills in Art in Society (KIS), which is an organisation where theatrical tools adapt towards the needs and problems of very different target groups like for example teenagers, managers and disabled persons. Since 1999 she has been working in different countries in Europe as a dancer, choreographer and cultural investor via her foundation People on The Move (PoTM). 
As an artist she also includes video, dance and music in her work. Her work has been performed in various places. Besides theatres and festivals, she performs at private parties, clubs, retirement homes, etc. Playing with limits between art and life has become Ina’s trademark.

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